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In tragic accidents, such as those related to motor vehicles and construction, one of the worst injuries that a person can face is a burn injury. Decades of experience with personal injury law has given our Largo burn injury lawyers the ability to successfully take care of victims. At Winters & Yonker, P.A., there’s no one better at fighting for the rights of burn victims and getting the compensation they deserve. After facing a life-changing injury due to someone else being negligent, this is a necessity. Call (888) 373-7770 to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers.

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Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are classified into degrees depending on how deeply they affect the skin:

First-Degree Burns

These burns aren’t as bad as other kinds of burns. Usually, an instant pain will be felt with them, along with some lingering after that. Treatment for these kinds of burns is as easy as cooling it off with running water and using a burn ointment, combined with an oral analgesic or a topical pain relief.

Redness and inflammation can occur with first degree burns, as the damage has been done to the outer skin layer. The maximum healing time for these burns is around a week and a half. Burns that occur at major joints or that have a coverage area larger than three inches can be worse, and medical treatment should be given to ensure that the burn heals.

Second-Degree Burns

The epidermis or top skin layer is damaged, along with the underlying dermal layer in second-degree burns. Blistering, painful sores and redness are all symptoms of second-degree burns. Second-degree burn wounds must be kept clean and properly bandaged because the sores and blisters can become infected by bacteria.

Home treatment for second-degree burns may not be possible and the victim will have to get medical treatment. This is especially true if the victim has been burned on the groin, face, feet, hands, or other sensitive areas, or if the burn is a certain size. When improper or slow treatment is done, scars can be caused by second-degree burns. In this case, it may be necessary to get corrective surgery to take care of the scar tissue.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the worst kind of burn, as they go through the epidermis and dermis, and even the subcutaneous fat layer. Internal organs, nerves, and muscles can all be damaged along with skin by third-degree burns. After one of these burns, the skin can look waxy and white, or charred and dark brown with a leathery quality.

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A burn specialist or doctor is needed to treat third-degree burns. Permanent bodily damage, scarring, and infection are all preventable when treatment is used. Any damaged tissue will have to be taken away from healthy tissue, and burns that are large enough will require damaged skin to be replaced by surgical techniques, such as skin grafting.

Burn Injury Causes

Accidents that commonly lead to burns include:

Accidents Involving Vehicles

When cars, trucks, and motorcycles get into accidents, fires and explosions can occur from the fuel contained in these vehicles. This can lead to injuries that can be serious or fatal. While the vehicles are burning, it may be impossible for the victims to exit. Being exposed to engine liquids and components that have been heated to high temperatures can cause thermal or contact burns.

Defective Products

Sometimes electrical appliances may have manufacturer or design defects. These defects can result in sparks or overheating that will lead to a fire. Contact and electrical burns may occur as a result, and entire homes can be burned down.

Industrial and Construction Accidents

Factories and construction areas come with a lot of risks. The possibility of explosions and fires is high, which can result in chemical burns, contact burns, thermal burns, and electrical burns.

Burn Injury Risks

Burns are serious injuries that can lead to the following complications:


The risk of bacterial infection exists when the skin is broken. This risk of infection rises when the burns are more severe, such as those that have long healing times or ones that have caused damage to multiple skin layers. Bacteria can enter the wound, and from there enter the bloodstream, resulting in septic shock or sepsis. When this happens, bodily functions may stop and the organs may shut down, possibly resulting in death.


Burn injuries will always run the risk of creating scars. Motor functions and mobility may be impaired around areas that have been disfigured and scarred. While the burns are healing, the burn victim may have to deal with emotional stress and psychological trauma. Scarring can be lessened with the aid of special treatment. If the scarring is so bad that it prevents normal life functionality, then surgery and other special scar reduction methods may be used.

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