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Are you currently searching for a Lutz motorcycle accident lawyer? If you are in Florida, there are many lawyers to choose from. You will want to use a law firm that has years of experience in this industry, plus a track record for success prominently displayed in their advertising and also on their website. Most importantly, they should have experience with your particular situation.

This is something that you will not know unless you actually call and sit down with them to discuss your case. If you were recently involved in a motorcycle accident, and you need representation, this is why you should consider contacting the Winters and Yonker law firm that represents motorcycle riders in the Lutz area. Schedule your free consultation with our personal injury lawyers today, call (888) 373-7770.

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How Motorcycle Attorneys Can Assist With Compensation Claims

The reason that you will always need to have legal representation when you are involved in an accident is that representing yourself can prove to be difficult. You will not understand the laws as they pertain to you and the incident you are involved in. Additionally, you will need to understand what paperwork to fill out, what your rights are, and what to say you are standing before a judge. All of these factors, and many more, can be taken care of when you are working with one of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Lutz, Florida.

What are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

It is well known that the vast majority of motorcycle accidents or events were not only preventable but also completely avoidable. Some of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents include distracted driving, failure to pay attention to motorcycles on the road, as well as drunk driving. It could also be something as simple as faulty mirrors on a vehicle, or perhaps their brakes or their lighting system is not working properly.

In some cases, unexpected pedestrians that appear on the road can lead to these accidents. When this occurs, the team of lawyers representing must have a past history of representing cases such as these. They will understand how to present the case of their client so as to focus the blame on the person that led to the accident.

What Are the Motorcycle-Specific Laws in Florida

The laws for motorcycle riders are different in every state. Florida has very definitive laws that must be followed. These laws not only pertain to motorcycles proper, but also motorized bicycles, electric scooters, and even a moped. In the state of Florida, the laws that pertain to motorcycles specifically address vehicles that have up to three wheels, some type of seat or saddle, and an engine that is 50 cc in size. The drivers of the motorcycle must have a motorcycle endorsement as well as a driver’s license for the privilege to ride them. Title and registration for the motorcycle must also be present and current with each motorcycle rider.

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Helmets must be worn, yet eye protection is not needed. At the very least, you must have $10,000 of PIP motorcycle insurance to ride your motorcycle. As long as the motorcycle rider is current in all of these areas, this can help contribute to a case that will bend in their favor. That combined with competent attorneys that understand motorcycle law can eventually lead to what could be a settlement.

Common Injuries Often Seen As A Result Of Motorcycle Accidents

Although there are many injuries that can happen on a motorcycle, there are many that are caused simply because they are so unprotected. This will include injuries to the brain that can be traumatic, injuries that can adversely affect the spine, and damage to the lower extremities. Internal injuries such as organs that have been damaged, as well as fractures to their legs and arms, are very common when people are in these accidents.

It is virtually guaranteed that some form of road rash will occur, even if the motorcycle rider is wearing proper protection. If any of these have happened to a motorcycle rider, they may not be able to represent themselves in court. That is why it is so imperative for these individuals to find competent attorneys in Florida that can help them win their case.

How is Fault Determined in a Lutz Florida Motorcycle Accident?

In Lutz, the vast majority of the cases lead to the blame being placed upon four-wheel drivers. In most cases, accidents that involve motorcycle crashes will often occur as a result of striking one of these vehicles. The most common occurrence is when these other vehicles are attempting to make a left turn, and in doing so, will inadvertently go out in front of motorcycles that are driving straight.

There are many other factors that will be evaluated including the condition of the motorcycle rider, as well as the condition of the driver, to determine where fault truly does lie. That’s why having competent attorneys that have gone through this process before is so vitally important.

What Type of Compensation Can I Receive for My Motorcycle Accident?

If you are attempting to get compensation in a court case because of your motorcycle accident, there are three things that you can pursue in most cases. This includes economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Economic damages will include your inability to go to work, as well as the high cost of medical procedures that motorcycle riders will have to go through to rehabilitate. Noneconomic damages often pertain to their state of mind, emotional duress, and factors that do not pertain to money. This is typically referred to as mental anguish or pain and suffering.

Punitive damages are often awarded to the motorcycle rider if the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle was previously involved in similar circumstances. All of this will be evaluated and presented before a judge so as to help you win your case. However, to do this, you will need to work with the best law firm that represents motorcycle riders that are in Lutz Florida.

File Your Claim With a Lutz Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, getting immediate legal representation is always recommended. It is virtually impossible for someone that has been injured to represent themselves in court, and that’s why contacting a competent attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents is so important. If you are in Lutz, you can find law firms that can provide you with excellent advice and representation. You will benefit from all of their years of experience, plus they can assist you in receiving a settlement for the damage that has been done to you and your motorcycle.

If you would like more information about representation, you should contact the Winters and Yonker law firm. Our auto accident lawyers will provide you with a free case review. It is so important to act quickly if you were recently involved in a motorcycle accident where it is clearly not your fault. Contact them today to learn more about this outstanding will offer that can help represent your case.

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