Two Dead in Multiple-Vehicle Fatal Crash in Highlands County

crash in Highlands County

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a multi-vehicle deadly crash that happened along State Road 70 in Highlands County, killing two people, after midnight on May 8. According to Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Gregory Bueno, the fatal crash in Highlands County occurred around 1:30 AM near mile marker 80 in the westbound direction.

Four vehicles were involved in the crash. The two people who died in the accident were traveling in a pickup truck. The vehicle crashed into a tree, then it hit a utility pole and in the end, it was hit by other vehicles after it flipped over.  

A driver in one of the other vehicles had critical injuries and was transported to Tampa General Hospital. The other vehicles’ drivers had minor injuries.  According to the Florida Highway Patrol, all lanes of State Road 70 reopened after the fatal crash in Highlands County; the police continue the investigation. 

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Source: https://www.mysuncoast.com/2021/05/08/fhp-investigating-fatal-crash-sr-highlands-county/

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