Law Protects Violent Students in Florida

Law Protects Violent Students Florida

Students in Florida schools become violent and unpredictable. Teachers and other students are their victims, and the worst thing is, the law is on their side.
A student from Northeast High in Oakland Park, without any reason, attacked his teacher. The student was punching her until she started crying, the police report says.
The special needs student was not arrested because he was not able to tell the difference between right and wrong actions.
After three days, the student, who is a teenager, returned back to campus.
Schools become violent places; students are fighting each other, carry weapons at school, stalk and attack classmates, and turn the classrooms into dangerous places.
Schools that include students with special needs face such problems very often. These schools do not have support staff to manage such behaviors.
Special needs students are guaranteed a spot in the classroom. Once they become violent, police cannot do anything, because these kids are not able to make a difference between good and violent behavior.
The school cannot expel the student even if he or she threatens to shoot the classmates.
Thousands of teachers were victims of violent students, but also bus drivers and classmates go through horrible bullying, fistfights, and even injuries caused by deadly weapons.
Attorney Julie Weatherly says that this is a no-win situation. She advises school districts on the legal complexities of excluding aggressive special needs students.
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Source: https://projects.sun-sentinel.com/teenage-time-bombs/how-schools-manage-violent-kids/

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