One Woman and Two Horses Die in a Series of Collisions in North Florida

One Woman and Two Horses Die in a Series of Collisions in North Florida

A series of collisions that occurred on Thursday night in north Florida killed one woman and two horses, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The woman stopped to offer help to a driver who had just hit and killed a horse on U.S. 301 in Nassau County (north of Jacksonville on Florida’s Atlantic Coast), a highway patrol accident report informed.

As she was offering to help the man, another vehicle hit a second horse that was in the road and veered into the woman. Both the woman and the horse were killed on the scene.

Troopers said they are still investigating where the horses came from.

The police have not released the name of the woman. The collisions closed the road for several hours on Thursday night.

The police continue the investigation.

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Source: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/florida/2020/02/28/woman-2-horses-killed-in-florida-crash-troopers-say/

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