Small Plane Crash in Pembroke Pines, No Injuries Reported

Plane Crash in Pembroke Pines

Officials are investigating a plane crash in Pembroke Pines that took place on Wednesday morning, December 2. The small plane started falling at North Perry Airport near the entrance to the Howard C. Foreman complex off University Drive. 

According to the officials from the airport, the Piper Tomahawk took off about 8 a.m. when the pilot noticed an issue with the engine and tried to land when the crash happened.

A witness said the plane was coming down and hit the dirt, bounced back off the ground, and landed back down, passing the buildings.

There’s footage that shows firefighters spraying water on the plane that landed upside down. Two people were on board when the plane crash in Pembroke Pines happened. Pembroke Pines Police said that nobody was injured and that the traffic wasn’t affected. 

Air traffic is statistically safer than any other traffic. Still, crashes happen, and when there are more people involved, the outcomes can be tragic. 

The complex thing about aviation accidents is the determination of liability. If you were involved in an aviation accident, or have lost a loved one in such circumstances, you’ll need help from a Tampa aviation accident lawyer.

These kinds of accidents are expensive, and legal battles sometimes take years to be solved. 

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Source: https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/morning-plane-crash-takes-down-power-lines-in-pembroke-pines/2334713/

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