Vehicle Flips Over While Being Chased by Police; One Dead

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One person was killed and four other passengers ended injured after a vehicle flipped over while being chased by a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle. The fatal accident happened on Sunday.

According to a report from Florida Highway Patrol, the sedan-type vehicle was going southbound on State Road 85 around 11:42 a.m. while escaping law enforcement. The vehicle got on State Road 123 southbound and drove onto the west shoulder when it lost control.

According to the report, the vehicle flipped over and all five of the occupants were ejected.

One of the people was pronounced dead at the scene. Florida Highway Patrol only revealed that the victim is a seventeen-year-old boy from Fort Walton Beach.

The others who were severely injured are identified as a twenty-year-old man from Fort Walton Beach, a fifteen-year-old boy from Fort Walton Beach, and a fifteen-year-old boy from Freeport.

Another severely injured occupant who is in critical condition is identified as an eighteen-year-old from Fort Walton Beach, Florida Highway Patrol said.

All injured occupants transported to local hospitals.

For now, it is not clearly stated who drove the vehicle.

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Source: https://weartv.com/news/local/fleeing-vehicle-crash-in-okaloosa-county-leaves-one-dead-four-injured

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