Can Nitrous Oxide Cause Impaired Driving in Florida?

impaired driving in Florida

Drivers who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol can become a potential threat not only to themselves but to others too. Such is the case in Florida too. Impaired driving in Florida has cost thousands of people their lives. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, an estimated 30,000 people die because of car accidents in the state. While some have suffered from major injuries, for others the accidents have proven to be fatal.

Unfortunately, it has been observed that truck or heavy vehicle drivers are forced onto long shifts. Due to this reason, they are often tired and may consume drugs such as Nitrous Oxide to subside pains. Nitrous oxide is relatively cheap, and one can easily get it from any store in the form of whipped cream. If the can of the cream is separated, then one can easily extract out nitrous oxide which is in a gaseous form. Inhaling these fumes can intoxicate a person quickly.

How Can Nitrous Oxide Lead to Impaired Driving in Florida?

Nitrous Oxide impacts the body in different ways. Some of the most common symptoms observed include excessive sweating, shivering, nausea, and even hallucinations. As a result of these varied symptoms, one loses control over their senses and this can lead to dangerous accidents. The gas may affect a driver’s reaction time as well due to which they don’t remain careful while driving.

An overdose can even cause choking, increased heart rate, or seizures. If a person consumes too much of it and does not have a sufficient supply of oxygen, then there may be brain damage as well.

The bitter reality is that drivers often do not know all these lethal repercussions because there is no one to guide them. They continue to perform such acts in isolation and regret them later on. According to state law, if a driver had a dose of nitrous oxide and it led to impaired driving in Florida then they will be charged for a criminal act.

How Can a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Help You?

If you have been a victim of impaired driving in Florida, then the first step is to contact Tampa’s personal injury attorneys. They have years of training in handling such cases and chalking out a solid road map for their clients. Most of these drivers work for big companies. Therefore, fighting a battle against them could be tough.

In some cases, the company puts complete blame on the driver for their impaired driving in Florida which is wrong. The company is equally responsible for ensuring the security and safety of other citizens. Hence, these organizations must ensure that their drivers are not under any kind of influence while driving. This is the only way to avoid negligence. However, if companies do not take responsibility, then such accidents are prone to happen.

A personal injury attorney already understands all such technical aspects because they have been dealing with such cases for years. Thus, it is easier for them to hold the right party accountable.

What to Discuss with a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been subjected to such a heinous crime and want to be duly compensated, then communicating with your attorney is essential. The first step is to share every detail with the attorney. When did the accident happen, how did it happen, and do you have any proof in visual form? Extending these bits and pieces of crucial information can enable your attorney to build a stronger case for you.

It will also allow them to ask for a bigger compensation package. Even if the driver is not able to repay the compensation amount, then the alleged company would do so. The more you communicate and discuss details with your lawyer, the more benefit you will experience. Having some sort of visual proof can be particularly advantageous in this regard. For example, a picture of the vehicle’s number plate or a picture of the driver could prove to be crucial pieces of evidence.

It is important to remember here that reporting such issues is not only beneficial for you but the community at large. It would enable the judicial system to hold people accountable for their actions which would lead to a decrease in these horrendous accidents. Every year hundreds of people lose their life because a driver is under some kind of influence. If one intends to break this chain, then action has to be taken against the culprits. By selecting the right personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL one can save themselves from a lot of hassle and stress!

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