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Distracted driving contributes to a large percentage of accidents that occur in many states. Florida accounts for the second-highest number of incidents that involve accidents caused by distracted drivers. This is becoming a very large problem, one that has been increasing gradually over the years. Part of the reason has to do with the persistence of technology making it easier for people to communicate through cellular devices.

People that are involved in these accidents can sometimes be significantly injured, necessitating hospitalizations and life-changing procedures. If you have been involved in this type of incident, a skilled North Port distracted driving accident lawyer is something that you will need to seek as soon as possible. The legal professionals at Winters and Yonker will be able to help people throughout Florida that want to pursue legal action. You can contact our car accident lawyers by calling (888) 373-7770.

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A Quick Overview Of What Distracted Driving Represents

A person that is regarded as a distracted driver is an individual that is not paying attention to where they are going when they are driving on the highway. They could be distracted by natural occurrences outside of their vehicle, or may even be trying to pay attention to people in the car they are driving. There are also those that are going to distract themselves by removing one hand from the wheel to operate an electronic device. In many cases, this single act can lead to accidents that can affect the lives of those that become part of an accident.

Different Types Of Distracted Driving

Various types of distracted driving have been categorized over the years. This is done for several reasons. First of all, it is to represent each type of distracted driver based upon intention, and potentially the outcome of becoming distracted. Visual distractions involve looking at things outside of the immediate road in front of them, often leading to potential accidents. Pedestrians coming onto the road, or people distracting them in the backseat, can contribute to drivers becoming distracted.

The second type of distracted driver is a person that could be thinking about something that is permeating their mind. From deep thoughts to daydreaming, drivers do this on a regular basis, yet it may not always lead to a negative outcome. The most egregious form of distracted driving involves manual distracted driving. An individual will purposefully take their hand from the wheel of the car and begin to operate a device that will distract their attention. From GPS units to cell phones, people that try to communicate while driving are more susceptible to causing accidents.

What Are The Laws In Florida Regarding Distracted Drivers?

Laws have been established in Florida that are designed to address these incidents that distracted drivers can cause. Those that are operating a cell phone, perhaps texting while driving, can face significant fines and legal penalties for making this decision. An example of Florida’s distracted driving laws would be how it is illegal to drive and text simultaneously. It is possible, however, to send text messages when you are at a red light.

File your claim with our North Port distracted driving accident lawyers.

Additionally, only one earbud from a headset can be in either ear while you are driving and talking. Although these laws do exist, there are things that you can do well driving which mimic illegal actions on the road. You can drink something while driving, as well as eat food, neither of which is illegal by Florida State standards.

What Type Of Damages Can Victims Of Distracted Driving Accidents Claim?

When an accident does occur, compensation can be provided to the individuals that are negatively impacted. This has to do with what could be injuries that are sustained that can be life-changing for these individuals. If they are required to go through some type of medical rehabilitation, or perhaps even psychological therapy, all of this must be paid for by the distracted driver if ordered by the court. This can become very expensive as the court may rule that this individual is responsible for hospital bills, ambulance fees, emergency room visits, and any medical equipment or home care expenses that the victim has needed.

If this individual has also lost their job, that amount of money that they would have earned will be part of the settlement. Additionally, vehicle repairs, childcare, and meal preparation services must be paid for as well. When the court rules that noneconomic damages must also be paid for, this includes therapy for emotional distress and pain and suffering. If this person that has been injured has lost enjoyment of life, this also accounts for the total amount of the settlement.

Filing A Claim Within The Statute Of Limitations In Florida

You can file a claim at any time within four years from the date of the accident itself. If you go beyond that date, courts will not regard your request, as they have provided you with ample time to file your paperwork. Doing this often requires a high level of expertise, something that you may only have at your disposal if you retain a personal injury lawyer. Specifically, these are attorneys that specialize in tort law that will be able to represent you so that you can obtain some type of settlement.

The Main Reasons That Distracted Driving Victims Need A Lawyer

The victims of distracted driving accidents must always have an attorney. In a court of law, the court typically regards those with legal counsel to have a much more valuable opinion. They assume that their legal counsel has provided them with the information that is necessary to make a proper determination as to the settlement amount.

At the very least, it’s good to speak with lawyers that understand what your rights are in these circumstances. We will also do all of the work for you, preparing all of your cases, and will file your paperwork, just something that the average person would not know how to do.

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Finding a good distracted driving accident attorney doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can contact the law offices of Winters and Yonker if you want to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case. we are willing to speak with anybody that is in the North Port area of Florida that is a victim of a distracted driving accident.

If you want to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our lawyers, we will be happy to do so at your earliest convenience. You can call us at (888) 373-7770 to schedule your appointment, or simply go to their website so that you can contact them via email. For more information, or to schedule your appointment through the contact form.

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