Personal Injuries in Tampa, FL’s Nursing Homes Due to Negligent Hiring and Supervision

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Personal injuries in nursing homes are more common than you’d expect. Unlike any other field, hospitals and nursing homes require critical measures when it comes to building up a foundation. As the patients require special attention and care, it is very important to recruit people who are perfectly skilled and in the practice of what they do. The process of hiring a placement has become very strict keeping in mind the personal injuries in Tampa, FL’s nursing homes due to negligent hiring and supervision. The procedure and rules, however, are mapped in a way that leaves no room for doubt that the patients especially the elderly and children are to be taken care of by highly qualified personnel.

Regardless of such rules, there are still spaces that allow underqualified people to stream through as a result of which the patients suffer. For any such injuries caused by employees, the liability automatically comes onto the nursing home and can lead to dragging down to courts and legalities.

Personal Injuries in Tampa, FL’s Nursing Homes; An Overview:

When a consumer or a fellow employee is legally claiming that they have been harmed by an employee of a particular company, it is called negligent hiring. These claims more than often rise from the questionable behavior pattern of an employee. For example, a hired particular who was once charged for harassment is likely to harass an individual. Negligent hiring cannot be pinned to any specific field. It can happen at a place where one employee has an edge over the other employees or is in close contact with the higher authorities.

A company only lies under the belt of legal liability if and when they were aware of the past record of an individual they are about to recruit, but ignored a background check before hiring. To avoid any such hiring, a company should avoid recruiting a person who:

  • Has a criminal background
  • Has shady personal orientations
  • Has a college degree that is invalid
  • Has a drug history
  • Has a bad driving record

It is very important to cross-check the root cause of why what happened the way it did while confirming the claims that are made by the victim.

Negligent Supervision in Comparison to Hiring; Insights from a Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa:

There is a thin line between negligent supervision and negligent hiring. The only difference that lies here is that instead of the person hired, the blame shifts to the person who was hiring. These claims are made when situations are no longer dependent on the backgrounds of the employee but these are the issues that are supposed to be foreseen by experienced employers. In the case of nursing homes and any institute that provides caregiving services, the negligence can be depicted in many ways. A common of these is when the person taking care of the patient can easily predict a fore coming injury but fails to avert it.

Negligent supervision liability comes on to an institute when a recruiter is supposed to notice the red flags during the contract hours of the person recruited. The red flags can include minor things that result in an employee being unfit for the role he’s assigned to; in which case he should have been reassigned or dismissed. Considering how much the employees exercise control over their actions, there are a few things that show negligent supervision:

  • A caregiver failing to take care of the victim
  • Not being able to prevent an injury that could have been predicted easily
  • The procrastination of the person in charge leading to injury of the victim
  • The kind of injuries that can be caused by negligent hiring and supervision

There are countless types of personal injuries in Tampa, FL’s nursing homes. Given below are some of the examples.

Negligent Hiring

Some of the scenarios that may end up causing Personal injuries because of negligent hiring include:

  • Hiring a person who has been accused of assault and then assaults the patients at the nursing home later.
  • Hiring a nurse with an expired certification can often lead to the wrong dosage of medications.
  • Hiring a physiotherapist who isn’t licensed in a particular state can lead to serious injuries.
  • Hiring a nurse who has completed the degree from an institute that is not recognizable in the state one is practicing can lead to incorrect CPR.

Negligent Supervision

Injuries caused by negligence in supervision can include the following cases.

  • A nurse ends up physically abusing a patient just because the nursing home assigned her to a patient that doesn’t get along with her well.
  • The nursing home completely ignores the pick-pocket behavior of an employee who later ends up stealing a massive amount of money from the patient’s room.
  • Keeping in the observation that a patient is sexually attracted towards another patient and overlooking it, the patient on the course of time takes advantage of the victim.

Hire a Qualified Tampa Personal Injury Attorney:

In a situation where you or anyone in your circle has been a target of personal injuries in Tampa, FL’s nursing homes, feel free to contact our personal injury attorneys in Tampa. We will ensure that you receive justice for the pain that has been caused to you; regardless of whether it was due to negligence in hiring, or supervision.

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