Handling a Personal Injury Claim During the Holiday Season

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During the holiday season, many people get hurt when performing everyday activities. Personal injury claims happen quite a lot during this period. Walking into a store, setting up shop at a farmer’s market, or going out for a  bit of holiday shopping can all result in long-term injuries. It’s even possible that an injury during the holiday season could impact every year after with a life-long disability. However, you have the opportunity to seek out full compensation for most injuries.

Whether it was slipping and falling, falling from a height, Cuts, Burns, or other personal injuries that are common during the holiday season, get legal help. Tampa Florida personal injury attorneys can help people understand when it’s an option to take civil action against the responsible party. During the holiday season, many families are left wondering how they can move forward after an accident when there’s so much going on. Here are a few ways that you can help in handling your personal injury claim with the ongoing holiday season.

Document How You’re Traveling Now

How are you getting around now that you’re hurt? Those who experience cuts or burns may not have much trouble driving. However, someone who slipped and fell then fractured their hip and not be able to drive for an extended period of time. Travel expenses are often among the highest out-of-pocket expenses that victims pay after an accident.

A personal injury can come from a car accident, slipping and falling in a public place, or experiencing preventable injury and a private residence. It’s possible that you may turn to your PIP insurance policy, a homeowner’s liability policy, or a business’s liability policy for resolution. All of those policies should include compensation for travel expenses to get doctor’s appointments and therapy appointments.

Will You Need Ongoing Medical Support?

Not all personal injuries require ongoing medical support. Sometimes there’s the opportunity to Simply have surgery, undergo physical therapy, and then get back to your normal day-to-day work. However, some injuries will keep people out of work and under medical supervision for months or years.

For example, someone who experiences paraplegia as a result of a slip and fall might need months of medical support. They may need continued medical support long after the case closes.

How Has This Injury Affected Your Family?

Something to consider when you’re looking at your civil action is how this has affected your family. Perhaps you had to cancel holiday plans, or can’t see your family because of the injury. That may mean that you’ve experienced more pain and suffering than you would have in another situation. It’s vital that you evaluate all factors of pain and suffering when you’re filing a claim. That way, you can seek out compensation for all of the damages you and your family experienced and not just the medical debt incurred because of the crash.

Common Personal Injury Claims

So what are the most common personal injury claims? The most common include slip and fall accidents, cuts, burns, and car accidents. These types of accidents are almost always avoidable and usually have liability tied to the responsible party.

Car accidents may not fall into liability but would instead tie into your current PIP coverage. As you handle that claim, you’ll have the opportunity to explore action against the driver.

However, slip and fall accidents are extremely common and directly connected to liability responsibility. The NFSI estimated that there are about 2 million fall-related injuries each year. These are only a handful of injuries that can cause life-long challenges for the victims.

Other injuries, specifically those in the kitchen, may not tie into an injury claim. For example, if you cut yourself in your own home, you may not have the option to file a claim because you were responsible.

Learn More from a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Tampa Florida personal injury attorneys should serve as a resource and a complete guide when it comes to handling personal injury cases. They should help connect you with the experts that can help your case while also establishing a foundation for your civil action. Let me help you understand exactly what to put into a demand letter and how to present your case in court. It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of opportunities to explore your different resolution options.

To learn more about those options for resolution and what it takes to resolve a personal injury claim, contact Winters Yonker. At Winters Yonker, our team supports the victims of avoidable and preventable personal injuries. We understand that someone else is responsible for your damages, and you should hold them accountable.

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