Safety Steps for Driving with Children

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Having children in the vehicle can lead to frustration, nervousness, and endless worry. However, it’s not an option to always leave them at home, parents, and caretakers will often have to drive with children in the car and there are many things they can do to ensure that those trips are safe. We’ve outlined a few of the best safety tips we could find to help to make driving with children easier and limit distractions.

Some of these steps you can do well ahead of time, and other times you might need to change your plan as you go along. Unfortunately, some of these recommendations do involve pulling over the vehicle in situations where the backseat may be unsafe either for the children or for you. If you’re involved in a wreck with a child, contact our Florida car accident attorneys right away.

Limit Snacks, Especially Choking Hazards

Choking is one of the top causes of injury and death to children and infants. Food is often the culprit, and you can’t respond when you’re in the front seat. If at all possible, avoid letting your children eat in the back seat, and pay careful attention to any snacks you do give them. Hotdogs, popcorn, and chips are well-known choking hazards, but also a favorite among toddlers and young children.

If possible, avoid snacks in the backseat altogether. If it’s not reasonable, then focus on foods that may be difficult, if not impossible, to choke on. They may be slightly messier, but they’re often worth the worry relief that comes with knowing there are no choking hazards.

Provide Comfort for the Back Seat

That’s right, make it a safe haven back there so that your little ones have little to no reason to complain. Complaining is a struggle for parents as they can’t do anything about any complaint when the car is in motion. Responding to a complaint for more space, or a new show or a new song can result in a distracted driver and the possibility of a crash.

To get everything in its place before you get going, make sure that you have a playlist, movie, or show ready and that it will last for the entire ride or until your next scheduled stop. Put down rules that are complaining about anything not serious is not acceptable.

Get Everything In Place Before You Get in Your Seat

Kids are a huge challenge, but some organizing can go a long way. Before you embark, clean out your car and organize your trunk, especially if you’re going out to go shopping. Then, make sure that you have wipes, paper towels or hand towels, and anything else you might need for cleaning messes. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that you have other things in place, such as items for emergencies.

Periodically make sure that your jumper cables, first aid kit, spare tire, jack, and tire iron are available and easy to access. You really don’t want to be stuck on the road only to realize that your spouse or roommate borrowed your tire iron.

Now, you don’t need to go through all of this every time that you get in the car. Instead, you might do it just near the first of the month, or when you know, you’ll be in the car for longer than half an hour. But these periodic check-ins before you jump into the driver seat can make each drive much less worrisome.

You can also go over the rules of driving with your kids before you start the car. Rules such as no arguments, no fighting, no eating, no hitting, and no seat kicking are fairly common.

Know How to Proceed with a Claim After a Crash with Kids in the Car

With a mostly mobile way of life, most kids will spend a fair amount of time in a car, and with that comes the risk of accidents and injury. So what exactly can you do after a crash with kids in the car? Stay calm, and get help. Those two steps are the best way to approach every accident, but when you’re looking at children, they become critical. Injuries and trauma can be challenging to detect, so make sure that you get the appropriate medical help right away.

When you’re ready to begin your claim, call Winters Yonker for support in filing a claim in Tampa. With Florida’s no-fault policy, you might not get any support from your car insurance provider, but if there was clear negligence or extensive carelessness, you may need to file a claim through your PIP and against the other driver.

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