Tips for Taking Pictures After a Car Accident in Florida

car accident in Florida

Dealing with a car accident in Florida can become very traumatic. In 2019, around 3,301 people died in motor vehicle accidents only in Florida. Accidents not only result in physical injuries, but they leave a devastating impact on your personal and professional life. Feeling emotional distress after an accident is very common. You should be aware of the steps necessary to take while collecting evidence for your case. If the accident is caused due to someone’s negligent behavior, you should get complete compensation for the damages that occurred because of the accident.

It is essential to hire an experienced Tampa car accident lawyer and share all the details of the accident with your lawyer to secure successful outcomes. The pain, suffering, and anxiety brought by the injuries after an accident make it difficult to recall details of the accident. Taking photos of the scene of the accident holds valuable evidence while proving the fault of the negligent driver in causing your injuries.

1. Take as Many Photos as You Can After a Car Accident in Florida:

There is no such thing as taking too many photos of the accident scene. You get one opportunity to document the highly significant evidence. You should not worry about clicking several photos after a car accident in Florida. You can always delete unnecessary photos. However, if you miss something crucial, you won’t get a second chance to take photos. You should consult with your car accident attorney before deleting the photos.

2. Take Photos of the Entire Accident Scene for Your Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer:

Take photographs from every possible angle so that you don’t miss anything important. You should step back and take a picture that includes the entire scene of the accident. It is important to take photos of the entire scene of the accident from various angles and distances. It will help in proving the liability of the accident. Take clear photos of the exterior of the vehicle. Take complete pictures of the entire vehicle and then take pictures of the damages. Photos will help you to recall all the details of the accident and provide a view for your attorney as well to work with. You should cover the following aspects of the accident:

  • Traffic lights, stop signs, and street signs
  • Weather conditions for instance if it is cloudy or rainy
  • The license plate of the vehicles involved in the accident
  • Skid-marks, scattered debris, shattered glass on the ground
  • Nearby areas; this will assist your attorney to locate witnesses and surveillance camera footage

3. Photograph the Interior of the Vehicles:

You should take several photos of the interior of your vehicle and other vehicles involved in the accident. Again it is essential to take photos from multiple angles and distances. If you are filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vehicle, these pictures are extremely significant. The pictures you take will exhibit whether an airbag was deployed or not, making it crucial evidence against the manufacturer. Moreover, bloodstains on the interior should also be photographed to prove the intensity and type of injury caused due to the accident.

4. Review the Quality of the Photos:

While taking photos of the scene of the accident, look closely at the quality of the pictures.  You may need a flash to take detailed photos of the interior. The pictures should be clear. Blurred photos will create confusion and won’t help in proving the liability. Similarly, if skid marks are present and you couldn’t capture a proper picture, then you won’t be able to prove it.

5. Capture Photos of Your Injuries:

The bruises on your skin may fade away after a few days. Take photos of all visible injuries. Ask someone around to help you in taking photos if you are unable to capture yourself. You will be able to prove your injuries based on these photos.

6. Take Photographs of Witnesses and Other People:

You should take photos of people around the accident scene and the people involved in the accident. Take photos of witnesses, drivers, bystanders, police, emergency medical personnel, and ambulances. Also, take photographs of license plates and insurance cards of the drivers involved. Photos help in attaining exact information and details of the people involved.

Consult an Experienced Tampa Auto Accident Attorney:

After a car accident in Florida, you should immediately consult an experienced car accident attorney to know your legal rights. Your successful claim is dependent upon the expertise and skills of your Tampa car accident lawyer. Our attorneys have years of experience in dealing with similar cases. We aim to obtain maximum compensation for your damages.

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