What are Tort Laws for Personal Injury

Tort claims in tampa

Tort laws are not something that is too commonplace among most people. But, what most of the general public knows them as are “personal injury” laws. Essentially a tort law will involve any law that allows a person to move forward with a case because they experienced damages or injuries from the other person.

These laws in Florida are extensive, and the best way to understand them fully is to involve a personal injury attorney. Local attorneys are always the better option because you’ll spend less time traveling to their office, should be able to reach them quickly, and won’t get charged for any of their traveling time. When you have a tort claim, then you should be looking for the right personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, for your case and injuries.

What are “Tort” Laws?

Tort laws include any law which surrounds the option to pursue civil cases against a person who, by either action or lack of action caused harm or injury. Injury and harm don’t always mean physically, either. It could mean harm in loss of income, loss of employment, distress, or other options.

Tort itself often refers to the case or the filing of an action against the alleged at-fault party. Then it boils down into different elements such as intentional tort, negligent tort, or liability tort. Intentional tort might include assault, while negligent tort would often involve a car accident situation. Liability torn is usually associated with product liability in that someone produced something and failed to establish its safety before distribution.

What Injuries Can You Seek Compensation For?

You can basically seek compensation for any of your injuries, but if the case involves a car accident, then you must go through your own PIP coverage first. After that, you can evaluate your options and see if you have a case to file against the other driver.

In other personal injury situations such as a slip and fall, you would not have to go through your PIP and would instead go straight to a tort claim or lawsuit. In that case, you can seek compensation for nearly any injury, including distress. For example, if you were bitten by a dog and afterward had an irrational fear of dogs that required therapy, you could include the cost of therapy as part of your recovery from your injuries.

What are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Florida?

Slip and fall accidents, dog bites, product liability, auto accidents, worker’s comp, and medical malpractice are always the top areas in personal injuries. These accidents cover the widest opportunities for injuries, and it can be relatively easy to move a case forward with these. Animal attacks perhaps pose the biggest struggle. Unlike other states, however, it does not have a one-bite rule, which often makes these cases more complex.

In Florida, dog bites and other damages from animals are the responsibility of the animal owner even if the attack happened on private property as long as their presence was lawful.

What if There are Criminal Charges Involved?

There are not usually criminal charges involved in personal injury claims, but it’s not so rare that it shouldn’t be mentioned. For example, if one person is assaulted by another, there would be criminal charges, and those would be processed by the state. It would not be John Jones v. Stephanie Miss. It would be Florida v. Stephanie Miss. Those criminal charges won’t result in anything for you as the victim.

But, you can take your own tort claim to the civil court and pursue compensation to cover your injuries and other damages.

Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa to Help Deal with Tort Laws?

Yes, in theory, if you ever have to deal with tort laws, you will need a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers create a case, file the appropriate claims, and argue on behalf of the victim. What that means is that they seek out the correct pathway for handling the injury, which is often through an insurance company or through a government claim.

Anyone hurt in Tampa should file a claim to at least cover their injuries and physical damage. If you tripped on a tree stump or exposed root system, then the homeowner is likely liable. Additionally, if you were bitten by an animal that has a history of attacking, then that owner is likely liable. Everything in personal injury cases comes down to someone who should have acted with greater care.

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