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If you’ve ever suffered from a burn, you’ll know just how traumatic and catastrophic they can be especially if they’ve come from a construction, vehicular, or tragic incident. At Winters And Yonker, our experienced Valrico burn injury lawyers apply decades of personal experiences in the field to ensure that victims get the compensation that they need.

Our attorneys work tirelessly for their clients to ensure that they heal and return to as much of a normal life as possible. So if you or a loved one has suffered from these injuries and had life swept from under your feet, be sure to contact our personal injury lawyers today to find out more about what we can do for your case.

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Burn Injury Categories

The severity of a burn injury places them into one of the following categories:

First-Degree Burns

These present the victim with an instant pain that lingers for a while. However, these are the least serious and can be treated by running some cool water on the spot. A burn ointment should also be applied with an oral analgesic or a topical pain relief ointment.

First-degree burns usually leave the top layer of skin inflamed with a red appearance. These usually take up to a week or a week and a half to heal. If the burn should span an area of more than three inches, or on a body joint, it’s a great idea to seek professional medical help. Medical treatment ensures that your injury is cared for so that it heals properly.

Second-Degree Burns

Unlike first degree burns, these extend beyond the top layer of skin. When this happens the layer beneath is damaged. Second-degree burns are identified by painful red sores or even blistering after some time.

Victims suffering from this type of burn run the risk of their sores becoming infected. Hence, it is advised to seek medical attention and to ensure that the wound remains bandaged and clean. Home care is also advised depending on the size of the area covered.

If you’re suffering from burns to your groin, face, hands, or feet, be sure to seek medical attention. Second-degree burns leave scars if they’re not treated in the proper way. Corrective surgery has also been used to combat the scars left behind.

Third-Degree Burns

These burns tend to travel through all layers of the skin. They are more serious and they even damage nerves, muscles, and organs. Third-degree burns present an appearance that goes from either white and waxy to dark brown or leathery and charred.

Burns in this category definitely need medical attention from specialists or doctors. Treatment is required to reduce the chances of scarring and infections. Damaged tissue from third-degree burns generally needs to be removed based on their size.

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Third-degree burns leave their victims needing skin grafts and other surgical methods to replace the burnt skin.

Common Causes Of Burns

The following types of accidents commonly lead to burn injuries:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the case of motor vehicular accidents, explosions usually come from fires that are fed by fuel. These can be from either a truck, a car, or even a motorcycle. However, they often result in fatal or serious injuries during a crash.

In most cases, persons become trapped in a burning vehicle while others experience direct contact with hot components or liquids. Exposure usually results in thermal burns.

Defective Products

Defective electrical appliances are also known for producing unwanted sparks, overheating, or simply catching on fire. These are all dangerous and have been known to be the cause of house fires that burn their victims, persons can also suffer from electrical burns, and contact burns.

Industrial Accidents And Construction Accidents

Workers in these fields run the risk of suffering from chemical burns, contact burns, electrical burns, and even thermal burns due to explosions and factory fires.

What Are The Risks Of Burn Injuries?

More severe burn injuries have a higher risk of the following complications:


From the moment the skin is broken, you run the risk of a bacterial infection. When burns go through several layers of skin, they usually take a number of weeks before they heal. This presents the perfect setting for infections to occur.

Besides the wound site becoming infected, bacteria can get into your bloodstream and cause septic shock or sepsis. This is a very serious condition that can eventually shut down some of the critical organs in the body.


When burn injuries heal, there is always the chance of scarring. These disfigurements can result in a person having their mobility limited in the burn area. Scarring has also been a major source of both emotional and psychological trauma long after healing has occurred.

When dealing with scars, special treatment to reduce scarring is needed. However, there’s still the chance of surgeries and other treatments that may be needed to eliminate scarring.

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