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What Percentage Do Lawyers Take for a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Case?

What Percentage Do Lawyers Take for a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve driven around St. Petersburg, Florida, you’ve probably seen billboards and advertisements for personal injury lawyers saying that you won’t have to pay anything upfront. That’s because personal injury lawyers often work for a contingent fee

A contingent fee arrangement means the attorney is only paid if they handle your case successfully. In a personal injury case, handling a case successfully usually means you receive a settlement award or a jury award of monetary damages. 

How Do Contingency Fees Work?

In a contingent fee arrangement, your lawyer agrees to handle your case in exchange for a percentage of your ultimate recovery in the case. This percentage is usually about one-third of the total settlement, though it may increase depending on the circumstances or the amount of recovery. 

For example, an additional percentage may be charged if your case does not immediately settle, if it proceeds to trial, or if it is appealed to a higher court. The percentages that a lawyer can charge on a contingent fee basis in personal injury cases are set forth in the Rules of Professional Conduct, and personal injury lawyers in St. Petersburg must comply with those rules.

It’s important to remember that there may be other costs associated with your case in addition to attorney’s fees. These include the cost of filing your case in court, hiring and interviewing expert witnesses, and deposing other witnesses in the case. The retainer agreement you enter into with your attorney should explain if and when you will be required to pay for these costs. You can also ask your attorney to explain any of these costs in greater detail to make sure you understand them.

What Are the Benefits of Contingency Fees?

An important benefit of a contingent fee arrangement is that your attorney’s interests are directly aligned with yours. If you get paid, your attorney gets paid. And if you get paid more, your attorney gets paid more. While a good and ethical attorney always has their client’s best interests in mind, the contingent fee arrangement means you won’t be second guessing if your attorney is working hard to get you the best outcome.

There are other benefits to contingency fees. For example, if you were seriously injured, you are probably already on a tight budget due to missing work or dealing with medical costs. Being able to get your case started without paying any money upfront can be a huge benefit in these circumstances. Many personal injury lawyers also provide a free consultation, so you won’t have to pay to find out if your case has merit.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for My Case in St. Petersburg, FL?

Whether you were involved in a slip and fall, a car accident, or some other type of accident, personal injury cases can be incredibly complex. They involve medical documentation, expert witnesses, communicating with insurance companies, and navigating a niche area of the law. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can have significant benefits for you and help you avoid leaving money on the table after you’ve been injured.

A good personal injury lawyer will know the time limitations for filing your case and make sure it’s brought on time, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and compile the evidence necessary to build your case. While there is no requirement that you hire a personal injury lawyer in Florida, there’s a good chance that you’ll benefit from their advice and knowledge.

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