Why Is Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Car Accident Important?

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With so many people on the road, car accidents are bound to happen and car accident lawyers are much needed. Add to that the number of distracted drivers and individuals driving under the influence and the likelihood of having a car accident in our lifetimes increases. Thankfully, most car accidents are minor in nature. For too many Floridians, however, a car accident can have lifelong consequences or cause financial distress. Here’s why getting a personal injury lawyer after a car accident is important.

A lawyer can help you get the care you need.

After a major car accident, you will likely accrue medical bills. Some victims fail to seek care because they are afraid of the cost. With a resourceful personal injury lawyer, however, clients are advised to seek care and medical costs are covered.
Car accidents can lead to injuries that aren’t immediately noticeable or visible. This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t seek medical care, though. It’s always important to get checked out after a serious car accident and to pay attention to any symptoms that arise after the fact.

A car accident lawyer will investigate your accident.

You can rely on the responding officers and the insurance adjusters to evaluate what occurred during your car accident—or you can hire a personal injury lawyer to dig into the accident and seek witnesses.
Winters & Yonker has handled numerous car accident cases and have skilled experts who investigate and evaluate car accident scenes. We know what to look for and the type of evidence a judge expects.

Your lawyer will fight to get you your due.

After a car accident, your focus should be on healing. Your attorney can handle the grueling work of fighting on your behalf. It’s hard enough dealing with injuries and loss of wages, you shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of negotiations or insurance companies as well.

A skilled personal injury lawyer who understands the system is better able to maneuver within it.

Getting a settlement isn’t always straightforward. Insurance companies may attempt to lowball you or make you jump through hoops instead of offering you what is rightly yours. In addition, their adjusters may view the accident differently. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer with years of experience dealing with insurance companies and the judicial system knows what is necessary to get you what you need and is better able to maneuver through the system than a novice.
Lawyers at Winters & Yonkers understand the procedures for filing accident claims and abide by all Florida statutes to ensure your claim is appropriately filed. Their repository of experience and their legal knowledge allows them to craft cases that highlight not only the emotional and physical tolls of an accident but also the important legal strategies that are necessary to win a claim.

A personal injury lawyer is your partner.

When dealing with legal issues, it can feel like you are alone—especially when you’re also healing from injuries. A compassionate Tampa personal injury lawyer serves as your partner as your case works its way through the system. They will provide you with the information you need to understand what is going on and keep you informed of future steps.
Don’t hesitate. If you’ve been in a serious car accident, it’s time to speak to the aggressive lawyers at Winters & Yonker. There are many reasons why getting a Tampa personal injury lawyer after a car accident is important, but perhaps the most important is that you and your life matter. Heal and recover while the hardworking attorneys of Winters & Yonker fight for damages on your behalf. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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