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Jackknife Accidents in Tampa, FL

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Jackknife Accidents in Tampa, FL

Truck accidents in Tampa, Florida, are particularly dangerous; the size and weight of these vehicles can cause serious injuries and fatalities when smaller cars are involved.

When dealing with these injuries, it’s important to have a personal injury attorney who can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. 

Fortunately, our experienced Tampa jackknife accident attorneys are here to help you. If you’ve been involved in a jackknife accident in Tampa, FL, contact the experts at Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers by calling (813) 223-6200 to schedule a free consultation.

How Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Tampa

How Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Tampa

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in Tampa, Florida, it’s crucial to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. Our Tampa truck accident attorneys have 119 years of combined experience and have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients. We are a personal injury law firm you can depend on.

Here’s how the legal team with Winters & Yonker Personal Injury lawyers can help:

  • We will investigate the accident and review all evidence, such as police reports, photos of the scene, and medical records. 
  • We will help you file a claim with your own insurance company to recover compensation from your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. 
  • We will determine who is liable and whether you’re eligible to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company.
  • We will assist with negotiations to try to reach a settlement.
  • If a settlement cannot be reached, we will help you file a lawsuit if appropriate.

Contact our law office in Tampa today to get started. Your initial case review is free of charge, and there are no obligations or strings attached.

How Common Are Truck Accidents in Florida?

Truck accidents in Florida and throughout the country are a serious issue, as indicated by statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

  • In 2021, there were 9,206 non-fatal and 331 fatal truck accidents reported in Florida. 
  • In 2022, there were 9,472 non-fatal and 293 fatal truck accidents reported in the State of Florida.

On average, there are roughly 25 truck crashes on a daily basis in the state, as per these data.

Overview of Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident occurs when a large vehicle, such as a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, skids and folds in on itself, resembling the folding mechanism of a jackknife. This usually happens when the cab of the truck (the front part where the driver sits) and the trailer (the large container that carries the load) move in opposite directions, causing the entire vehicle to bend at a sharp angle. 

This powerful force can lead to severe damage to other vehicles on the road, resulting in significant injuries and even fatalities.

How Does a Jackknife Accident Happen in Tampa, Florida?

Jackknife accidents can occur when the truck driver loses control of the vehicle, leading the trailer part to swing out of line. Various situations can cause this loss of control, some of which include:

  • Sudden braking: When a truck driver brakes suddenly, the truck’s cab may come to a halt, but the momentum of the heavy trailer behind it can cause it to swing out to one side.
  • Sharp turns at high speeds: Taking sharp turns at high speeds can be dangerous for large vehicles like semi-trucks. The force created during a sharp turn can cause the trailer to lose stability, ultimately leading to a jackknife accident.
  • Loss of traction: Slippery or wet road conditions, such as heavy rain or ice, can cause a truck to lose traction. This lack of grip on the road surface can result in the trailer swinging out of control.
  • Equipment failure: Issues with a truck’s braking system, suspension, or tires can lead to a loss of control and increase the likelihood of a jackknife accident.

Many other circumstances can lead to a jackknife accident as well.

Common Injuries From Jackknife Accidents in Tampa

Jackknife accidents can cause devastating injuries, even fatalities. Some of the most common injuries include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Head and Brain Injuries
  • Internal Damage
  • Broken Bones
  • Burns

These are just some of the injuries that can occur. 

Common Causes of Jackknife Accidents in Tampa

Jackknife accidents happen for a number of reasons, the most common being the following:

  • Distracted Driving: When a driver isn’t paying attention because they’re distracted by something else, like a cell phone or changing the radio station, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. 
  • Driving Under The Influence: Driving under the influence is illegal and for good reason. It impairs a driver’s ability to make good decisions and slows down their reaction time, leading to serious accidents in many cases. 
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Fog, rain, snow, and other adverse weather conditions are common contributors to jackknife accidents.
  • Speeding: When a large truck is speeding, it’s not a surprise that this can lead to serious accidents. Truck drivers have a responsibility to drive safely and at a speed that is appropriate for the road and weather conditions. 

Our Tampa jackknife accident lawyers can handle your legal claim from start to finish while you focus on your medical recovery. Call today to learn more by scheduling your free case evaluation.

Liability in Tampa Jackknife Accidents

Determining liability in a jackknife accident can be a complex process, as multiple parties could potentially be responsible for the accident. Here are some common possibilities:

  • Truck Driver: The driver may be held liable if they were found to be negligent in their driving, leading to the jackknife accident. Examples of driver negligence include speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence.
  • Trucking Company: The trucking company may be held responsible if they failed to adhere to safety regulations and contributed to the accident. Examples include not properly maintaining the truck or encouraging drivers to drive while fatigued.
  • Cargo Loading Company: If the jackknife accident was caused by improperly loaded cargo, the company responsible for loading the truck could be held liable.
  • Vehicle Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the truck or its components could also be held accountable if a defective part was the cause of the accident.

A lawyer can help you determine who is responsible and how to obtain the compensation you’re entitled to. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Tampa Jackknife Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents are one of the most severe types of accidents occurring on our highways, resulting in catastrophic outcomes for the victims involved. Among these, the jackknife accident stands out as particularly hazardous and life-threatening.

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Tampa, Florida, and need legal help, contact Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers. Our experienced Tampa jackknife accident attorneys can help you throughout the process.

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