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Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Lakeland, FL

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Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, FL, poses many dangers for road users. Considering the city’s population, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists suffer high rates of injuries and deaths from traffic accidents.

These traffic accidents tend to form hotspots around certain roads and intersections. This clustering can happen for many reasons, including road design, traffic control, and driver behaviors. But regardless of the reasons, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other traffic incidents at these locations can cause injuries and deaths.

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How Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Automobile Accident in Lakeland, FL

How Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Automobile Accident in Lakeland, FL

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  • Full-service legal representation, including filing a lawsuit against the opposing party if needed

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Factors That Create Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Traffic researchers know that crash clusters exist. They also know that clusters happen for a lot of reasons. For example, some intersections have increased accidents due to drivers running red lights.

Some factors that cause crashes to cluster include:

  • Inadequate crosswalks or pedestrian bridges
  • Lack of sidewalks
  • Poor road design for the traffic volume
  • Insufficient traffic controls
  • Speed limits set too high
  • Blind intersections

These factors get amplified by the bad behaviors they encourage. For example, suppose that a busy intersection has a four-way stop instead of a traffic light. Drivers may become confused and run the stop signs or go out of turn.

Locations of Traffic Accidents in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland’s crash hotspots tend to occur at locations with traffic congestion. This makes sense because more crowded conditions increase the interactions between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Some of the most dangerous roads/intersections in Lakeland, FL, include:

Dangerous Intersections

Intersection crashes almost always happen when a driver fails to yield the right of way. And a failure to yield the right of way is one of the most common driver errors in Florida, according to the state’s Crash Facts report for 2021.

This error can happen in a few ways, including:

  • Failing to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Turning across occupied bike lanes
  • Turning into the path of another vehicle
  • Running a stop sign or red light

Intersection crashes result in side or angle impacts that can crush vehicle occupants. Equally importantly, your seat belt and airbag do not work as well when you get hit from the side. In many vehicles, the frontal impact airbags will not even deploy in a side or angle impact. As a result, you can suffer severe injuries to the head, back, and limbs.

According to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, dangerous intersections in Lakeland include:

  • US-98/Florida Ave. and US-92/Memorial Blvd.
  • Lakeland Hill Blvd. and US-92/Memorial Blvd.
  • Martin L. King, Jr. Ave. and US-92/Memorial Blvd.
  • US-98/Florida Ave., where it becomes US-98/Bartow Rd.
  • Crystal Lake Dr. and US-98/Bartow Rd.
  • Florida Ave. and Beacon Rd.

The Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard also includes two I-4 interchanges among the most dangerous intersections. The interchanges between FL-33 and I-4 in both the northbound and southbound directions are hotspots for car accidents.

Dangerous Roads

Roadway crashes can take a few different forms. Rear-end crashes happen when one vehicle slams into the back of another vehicle. Sideswipe collisions occur when vehicles move sideways and collide along their sides.

Crashes away from intersections usually happen due to the following:

  • Tailgating
  • Speeding
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Distracted driving

Roadway crashes generally cause less severe injuries than intersection crashes because colliding vehicles are usually traveling in the same direction. But accident victims in these crashes can still suffer whiplash, concussions, and head injuries.

According to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, dangerous roads in Lakeland include:

  • US-98 south of I-4
  • US-92 east of US-98
  • Lake Hollingsworth Dr.
  • Florida Ave. between Doris Dr. and Highland Dr.
  • Harden Rd. between Ariana St. and Beacon Rd.

Roads that pose a risk to pedestrians and bicyclists include:

  • US-92/Memorial Dr. between Florida Ave. and Lakeland Hills Blvd.
  • US-92/New Tampa Highway between Wabash Ave. and Galloway Rd.

All of these roads have heavy traffic. They also have higher speed limits and lack adequate crosswalks. These elements come together to make these roads very dangerous for all road users.

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