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Passenger Negligence in Tampa, FL

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Passenger Negligence in Tampa, FL

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving passenger negligence in Tampa, Florida, that passenger is potentially responsible for your injuries and may have to compensate you.

Our Tampa passenger negligence lawyers at Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers can help you hold the negligent parties accountable for your suffering. We know that car accident victims are often too traumatized to think about legal matters. That’s why we take pride in helping our clients through this difficult time.

Contact our law firm in Tampa or give us a call today at (813) 223-6200 to arrange a free consultation. Speak with one of our Tampa passenger negligence attorneys. We’ll review your case and show you how we can help protect your rights.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay us any attorney fees unless we secure a financial award for you.

Why Do I Need a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer if a Passenger Was Negligent?

Why Do I Need a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer if a Passenger Was Negligent?

When a passenger in your car behaves in a way that distracts you from driving safely it can cause an accident like a head-on, highway, intersection, lane change, left-turn, parking lot, rear-end, rollover, red light, single-vehicle, or even a multi-vehicle accident. This raises a number of thorny issues.

Our Tampa personal injury lawyers understand that the negligent passenger is likely someone you know and with whom you are close. That can make it a sensitive situation, and you may find it difficult to pursue your right to compensation.

It can help to have the objective voice of an experienced lawyer to help you decide what’s in the best interests of you and your family. 

If you choose to hire Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers, our Tampa car accident lawyers will get started by:

  • Conducting an independent investigation into the accident
  • Collecting and reviewing evidence
  • Dealing with all communications, including with the insurance company and your passenger
  • Consulting with top Tampa experts to bolster your case

When you’ve suffered injuries from an accident, your focus should be on your recovery. You can trust that your case will be in skilled hands with our Tampa personal injury attorneys.

Our lawyers are aggressive and unafraid of going up against giant insurance companies. We’ve beaten them countless times, and we know the tricks they try to pull to get you to settle for less than your case is worth. We won’t let them take advantage of you. 

If they don’t take your case seriously and make a settlement offer that meets your needs, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial and represent you in front of a judge and jury.

Call now to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

How To Establish Negligence in Your Car Accident Case

Proving that passenger negligence is what caused the accident can be complicated. This is where an experienced attorney can make all the difference. 

Establishing negligence requires showing four elements:

  • Duty: The passenger had a duty to act responsibly.
  • Breach: Passenger failed in that duty
  • Injury: You suffered an injury
  • Cause: Your injuries were a direct result of the passenger’s breach of duty

It can be difficult to provide enough evidence to meet these four elements. However, our skilled legal team has extensive experience in establishing negligence. 

We’ve earned a reputation in Tampa and the surrounding area as a law firm that knows how to win. Rest assured, we know what we’re doing.

Examples of Passenger Negligence

Any number of actions that distract the driver and cause an accident could qualify as passenger negligence.

Such actions may include:

  • Arguing with the driver or other passengers
  • Interfering with the driver’s operation of the vehicle (e.g., grabbing the steering wheel)
  • Obstructing the driver’s vision
  • Distracting the driver’s attention 

Every situation is unique, and whether an action constitutes negligence will depend on the surrounding circumstances.

Injured Because of Passenger Negligence? Our Tampa Car Wreck Lawyers at Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by passenger negligence, you need a lawyer who understands the complexity and sensitivity of these kinds of cases.

That’s why Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers is the right firm for you. We’ll handle your case with compassion because we understand that taking legal action against someone who may be a friend or family member is incredibly difficult. We’ll help you through the process.

Don’t wait to give us a call. The State of Florida limits the amount of time you have in which to file a lawsuit to two years. It takes time to build a strong case—and the stronger your case, the more likely it is that insurance companies will try to settle rather than risk going to court.

Contact the Tampa passenger negligence attorneys at Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers today for a free initial consultation. We’ll answer your questions and give you the peace of mind to put this accident behind you and get on with your life. If you’d like to learn more, visit our FAQ page.

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